What do guys do?

Oh yeah, they break each other.

I was recently on holiday, in America, and me and my cousin (anonymous) were out swimming with his dad and family. So, there I was just messing around in the shallow end and he turns to me and says “I am going to dunk you”. Keep in mind that he is a year and two months older than me.

so we start wrestling in the pool, for how long I can’t remember, and didn’t strike each other we just grappeled. Nearly everytime we started to grapple we would end up just locking, hugging each other.

So this went on for awhile and eventually my cousin had half of my face in the water, but I flipped it around and put all of him in. So woo 1 to 0.5, and again we would grapple for awhile.

PainBucketBut the main event is when he tried to take me down, some how our arms got locked above our heads and I pushed down, and guess what, dislocated shoulder for cousin. Ouch.

I gotta say that seeing a dislocated shoulder has to be on of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I just thought that I would share this little escapade to those few that read this blog.

Bad Romance Made Awesome

Okay, so normally I would never put anything as acrid as Lady Gaga on my blog, but I found this truly amazing video of an a capella group doing Bad Romance. You gotta watch it. Epic. (If you’re reading this post in a feed reader or via email subscriptionk, the embedded videos below won’t show up, so click my title to come see it on the actual website.)

I thought two things after watching this: 1. This is Awesome, and 2. I love On The Rocks(For some reason, their website will only work for me in Firefox.)

For those who are lucky enough not to have seen or heard of Lady Gaga’s real video: (But honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it.)

I thought the a capella version was amazing, but I would like to hear your thoughts on it as well.


The Secret Life of a Polite Teenager

All is not always as it first appears.

Exhibit A.


This, my friends, is evidence of my psychotic, Blue-tac-stealing past.

As you can see, exhibit A. clearly shows a WAD OF BLU-TACK, proof that as a small child in primary school (Elementary school) I was a crazy,deluded Blu-tack thief.

Each day, I would go to school to steal Blu-tack bit by bit over the year, and to think about the precious Blu-tack that teachers threw away without really knowing of the true beauty of Blu-tack. 

I am sad to say that though my Blu-tack stealing days were great, my collection is not what it used to be.

Most people might find this strange, but I think that it was just because Blu-tack is amazing. I just remembered my crazy Blu-tack stealing days, and they will be times I will cherish forever. I hope you will always cherish your childhood memories, no matter how strange they are.

And all of this from your friend or family member G-man, whom everyone in Oklahoma seemed to think was such a nice, polite teenager. Boy, did I have you fooled.

9 Strathtay Harriers Compete at Linwood Open Graded Event

Brediland Road, Linwood

Brediland Road, Linwood

On Webnesday Evening (29-Jul-2009) 9 athletes from Perth Starthtay Harriers took to the roads and travelled through to Linwood to compete in the open graded and Grand Prix events.

Some video was taken, and you can view the Harriers-Linwood-2009-07-29 video on the Video Gallery page of the main website.

My events were the 800m and the 200m.  Bruce did the 100m and 200m. Craig Ritchie and Cara did both the 800m and 200m. Emily, Susan, Patrick and Michael did the 800m. Aoifa did the 200m.

6 PB’s in One Day

I only started going to the Strathtay Harriers in Perth in September 2008, so this is my first season.  On Sunday 19th July, I was entered in the Scottish Age Group Combined Events for the Boys Under 15 Pentathlon at Pitreavie.  This was my first pentathlon event.

The pentathlon consists of five events: Shot Putt, 80m Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump and 800m.   I had a pretty good day beating my personal best in each event and coming third overall which gained me a bronze medal.


My results were as follows: 9.52m in the shot putt; 13.92 in the Hurdles; 1.51 in the High Jump; 5.34 in the Long Jump; and 2:16.48 in the 800m (which I won).

As of 21-Jul-2009 my current record for all events in Scotland is as follows:


Time or


Rank in


Best in




100m 12.4 15th 11.48 7.42%
200m 24.9 10th 23.57 5.34%
400m 55.7 9th 51.08 8.29%
800m 2:16.48 23rd 2:01.55 10.94%
80m Hurdles 13.92 16th 12.19 12.43%
High Jump 1.51m 20th 1.75m 15.89%
Long Jump 5.34m 8th 5.94m 11.24%
Shot Putt 9.52m 24th 14.08 47.90%
Pentathlon 2317pts 3rd 2609pts 12.60%

The table above shows where I am ranked in Scotland for Under 15 Boys and where I have room for improvement.