Ohh no it’s… Blughhh

OK. Well first off, I would like to apologize for not posting anything for the last week. I meant to, but I had a freaky stomach whatsit, and was throwing up all week.

The image below has been my glorious companion for most of last week.IMG_0573 Now, I realise most of you probably don’t want to know what happened to me or how, but since you are reading MY blog, I am going to tell you anyways.

It all started on Tuesday the 17th. I was feeling good, and I was about to do my first training session in about 6 weeks, so no biggy. OK. So that day I had school, which went great. I came home and had dinner. After this, I went to training.

Now, this is where it starts to get a little… funky 🙂 I got to training and my coach told me I would have quite an easy session: 3 x 300m at full pace. That may seem easy, but it’s not.

I did one run and I started to lose vision, got a headache, and didn’t feel well. After that, I did my second run, having assumed that it was caused by the normal lactic acid being annoying. I fell over, crawled about 10 meters off the track, and started throwing up everywhere.

For the next five days, my companion (see picture above) was very helpful. We finally realised I wasn’t getting better, so we went to a doctor. The Doc gave me tablets, and I now feel right as rain.

And that is the reason you are reading this, instead of my usual filth. 🙂


9 Strathtay Harriers Compete at Linwood Open Graded Event

Brediland Road, Linwood

Brediland Road, Linwood

On Webnesday Evening (29-Jul-2009) 9 athletes from Perth Starthtay Harriers took to the roads and travelled through to Linwood to compete in the open graded and Grand Prix events.

Some video was taken, and you can view the Harriers-Linwood-2009-07-29 video on the Video Gallery page of the main website.

My events were the 800m and the 200m.  Bruce did the 100m and 200m. Craig Ritchie and Cara did both the 800m and 200m. Emily, Susan, Patrick and Michael did the 800m. Aoifa did the 200m.

6 PB’s in One Day

I only started going to the Strathtay Harriers in Perth in September 2008, so this is my first season.  On Sunday 19th July, I was entered in the Scottish Age Group Combined Events for the Boys Under 15 Pentathlon at Pitreavie.  This was my first pentathlon event.

The pentathlon consists of five events: Shot Putt, 80m Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump and 800m.   I had a pretty good day beating my personal best in each event and coming third overall which gained me a bronze medal.


My results were as follows: 9.52m in the shot putt; 13.92 in the Hurdles; 1.51 in the High Jump; 5.34 in the Long Jump; and 2:16.48 in the 800m (which I won).

As of 21-Jul-2009 my current record for all events in Scotland is as follows:


Time or


Rank in


Best in




100m 12.4 15th 11.48 7.42%
200m 24.9 10th 23.57 5.34%
400m 55.7 9th 51.08 8.29%
800m 2:16.48 23rd 2:01.55 10.94%
80m Hurdles 13.92 16th 12.19 12.43%
High Jump 1.51m 20th 1.75m 15.89%
Long Jump 5.34m 8th 5.94m 11.24%
Shot Putt 9.52m 24th 14.08 47.90%
Pentathlon 2317pts 3rd 2609pts 12.60%

The table above shows where I am ranked in Scotland for Under 15 Boys and where I have room for improvement.