Turning the Big 16…?

birthdayI don’t know about you, but I have found many birthdays are labeled “big”. People always ask me “So, how does it feel to be (insert new age)”, and my answer is always the same: well, it felt a little bit like yesterday, and the day before. That might be a little cynical, but there you have it.

And what makes a particular birthday better, or more important, than another one? Is it the fact that it has a zero on the end, or is it because you can now do something different than you could before? Don’t get me wrong, I love birthdays, but what I don’t get is that some people expect a big change on the day. I find that changes occur throughout the year to change how we view things  and further our understanding.

So how do you view it? Do you think it’s the day that makes a difference? Do you feel different?


3 thoughts on “Turning the Big 16…?

  1. I understand what you mean. These landmark birthdays have more to do with how other people view us than how we view ourselves.

    Although, I must admit, you get more awesome by the day.

    Happy birthday, Bear!


  2. I think that’s one of those questions mostly adults ask young people, on the other of, “What do you want to be when you grow up, Sonny?” Just something to say.

    I’ve had two birthdays so far that I felt were momentous: 40 – I felt like I was no longer faking it; I actually felt different, that I was a true grown-up.

    Five months ago, I turned 70 – my Sweetie threw a HUGE all-day party for me and invited a boatload of people. We ate and drank, told stories and reminisced, small children running in and out, crawling beneath our legs, slamming screen doors and playing games with one another. Many of the people I love were able to be there as I put this glorious milestone behind me. Dunno, actually, but since comprehending that I made it — I made it — I’ve felt more at home in the Universe.

    I firmly believe that questions like the two mentioned above are asked by people who aren’t actually thinking! Mean no harm, but, c’mon — most smart people can do a better job of connecting than that.

    Happy birthday, G-Man. Delighted I could share it with you.


  3. Garrett, It is interesting you write on this subject just as I was wondering what 16 means for your freedom and/or responsibilities. When parents are able to stick to their rules, one day usually means a little more freedom to do things on your own and maybe more responsibilities. And of course, here in the US, the day you turn 16 you can drive a car and 18 is a big leap into (legal) adulthood, even if you are not ready. Then there is the 21 milestone that allows more freedoms.

    The big “zero” birthdays never bothered me much, but they do seem to cause refection on where I have been and where I am going. Aunt Cici turned the big 40 this year, and she told me she did not feel any different (no, I did not ask her). She said she feels the same as she did when she was 20. I let her know that she will still feel the same when she is 60. We learn and grow as people and may be doing different things, but we still have the same feelings.

    As I get older, every birthday is a reminder that the time I have left is getting shorter and shorter. I have had to let some dreams go, but I also determine to focus on the things I still want to do. I know, you are probably thinking how morbid; but I just want to encourage you to not just dream, but to persue your dreams with a passion.

    So, Happy Sixteenth Birthday! Grandpa and I hope it is a great year for you.

    Love from us both!


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