Bad Music? Bad Sound?

I was watching live at the Apollo the other night, and Dara O’Briain was talking about the entertainment business, but specifically video games. As he was talking about video games he also mentioned music, what he said struck me as strange and weird, so I want your opinion on this.

DaraHe talked about how he ocassionaly likes to listen to pop. I find this extremely funny. What he said afterwards was the strange part, he goes on to talk about how people he has met told him that he listens to the wrong music. he just laughs and says wrong music? How can sound be wrong? 

As he said that I just sat there dumbstruck and thought of 1 person: Justin Bieber. How can someone I despise so badly for the very reason that his sound is bad, actually just not be capable of being bad, just cause his sound is.

Anyways i just wanted to ask: Is it possible for sound to be bad? personally I think that it can 🙂