Britain’s Spelling and Grammar

Me of all people should not be making fun of other peoples spelling and grammar, but really some of this is just too funny. I was searching news on the web, when i found some photos of people misspelling words on signs across Britain.

Yorkshire – someone forgot their r’s78C185338292E559518B58AA2828D

Aston University – this ones just funnyA6608B95CAE0D4F7C3479FB95B321

Remeber to look…?1E231EF91DA63BBCEEAFD575C63E9

And finally my last piece to show to you.FF7FCB274796FA237DB1A39BCCD30

I think that the moral of this story is: do not get loose with your car 🙂 Now i am no great magician when it comes to spelling, grammar, or even making sense, but i think that this going over the top just a little bit.