What do guys do?

Oh yeah, they break each other.

I was recently on holiday, in America, and me and my cousin (anonymous) were out swimming with his dad and family. So, there I was just messing around in the shallow end and he turns to me and says “I am going to dunk you”. Keep in mind that he is a year and two months older than me.

so we start wrestling in the pool, for how long I can’t remember, and didn’t strike each other we just grappeled. Nearly everytime we started to grapple we would end up just locking, hugging each other.

So this went on for awhile and eventually my cousin had half of my face in the water, but I flipped it around and put all of him in. So woo 1 to 0.5, and again we would grapple for awhile.

PainBucketBut the main event is when he tried to take me down, some how our arms got locked above our heads and I pushed down, and guess what, dislocated shoulder for cousin. Ouch.

I gotta say that seeing a dislocated shoulder has to be on of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I just thought that I would share this little escapade to those few that read this blog.


4 thoughts on “What do guys do?

  1. So was that the last time someone tried to dunk you on the trip? Somehow, I would guess it was!


  2. Chris McIntire

    so what about the mention of when I grabbed both of you while you were grappling and dunked you both completely under water? Seems I should get some sort of honorable mention even if it’s technically some sort of child abuse. jings?


  3. Okay, fair enough Chris you get kudos for that, and i don’t know. jings?


  4. Well, World, this is what happens when two young (and, often, not-so-young) bucks need to determine who is king of the hill.

    Each of us hates it that Colin was hurt and are sorry he and his family had this experience. On your behalf, G, as you are too polite to gloat, you were indeed concerned, contrite, and regreted that this happened to your lifelong friend and cousin. I’m sure he won’t hold a grudge. So–it’s over–he’s fine–and you did the right things from start to finish.


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