6 PB’s in One Day

I only started going to the Strathtay Harriers in Perth in September 2008, so this is my first season.  On Sunday 19th July, I was entered in the Scottish Age Group Combined Events for the Boys Under 15 Pentathlon at Pitreavie.  This was my first pentathlon event.

The pentathlon consists of five events: Shot Putt, 80m Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump and 800m.   I had a pretty good day beating my personal best in each event and coming third overall which gained me a bronze medal.


My results were as follows: 9.52m in the shot putt; 13.92 in the Hurdles; 1.51 in the High Jump; 5.34 in the Long Jump; and 2:16.48 in the 800m (which I won).

As of 21-Jul-2009 my current record for all events in Scotland is as follows:


Time or


Rank in


Best in




100m 12.4 15th 11.48 7.42%
200m 24.9 10th 23.57 5.34%
400m 55.7 9th 51.08 8.29%
800m 2:16.48 23rd 2:01.55 10.94%
80m Hurdles 13.92 16th 12.19 12.43%
High Jump 1.51m 20th 1.75m 15.89%
Long Jump 5.34m 8th 5.94m 11.24%
Shot Putt 9.52m 24th 14.08 47.90%
Pentathlon 2317pts 3rd 2609pts 12.60%

The table above shows where I am ranked in Scotland for Under 15 Boys and where I have room for improvement.


2 thoughts on “6 PB’s in One Day

  1. I was there! At the risk of sounding like any other proud grandparent, you were remarkable. You should feel good about the self-discipline and focus developed through your course of study and competition. As I’m at least four times your age, I personally guarantee that those character traits lead to more and diverse PBs in life.


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