Turning the Big 16…?

birthdayI don’t know about you, but I have found many birthdays are labeled “big”. People always ask me “So, how does it feel to be (insert new age)”, and my answer is always the same: well, it felt a little bit like yesterday, and the day before. That might be a little cynical, but there you have it.

And what makes a particular birthday better, or more important, than another one? Is it the fact that it has a zero on the end, or is it because you can now do something different than you could before? Don’t get me wrong, I love birthdays, but what I don’t get is that some people expect a big change on the day. I find that changes occur throughout the year to change how we view things  and further our understanding.

So how do you view it? Do you think it’s the day that makes a difference? Do you feel different?


Back to school

Well I am back at school. Yay?  I have come back to school after having injured my ankle two weeks before, and having a school break over the Christmas holiday. My ankle has healed up nicely, but I still cannot train with it as it will take a few more weeks to full recover.

As for school, well lets just say that I wish it was still the holidays. The work is getting harder, and our teachers are still badgering us about our final exams which are due in a few months.

What i am looking forward to is that at the end of this school year I can finally drop three of my main subjects, History, PE, and most of all French. Oh, how i look forward to dropping french, in the three and a half years of going to secondary school I have not looked forward to something so much as dropping french.

Bad Music? Bad Sound?

I was watching live at the Apollo the other night, and Dara O’Briain was talking about the entertainment business, but specifically video games. As he was talking about video games he also mentioned music, what he said struck me as strange and weird, so I want your opinion on this.

DaraHe talked about how he ocassionaly likes to listen to pop. I find this extremely funny. What he said afterwards was the strange part, he goes on to talk about how people he has met told him that he listens to the wrong music. he just laughs and says wrong music? How can sound be wrong? 

As he said that I just sat there dumbstruck and thought of 1 person: Justin Bieber. How can someone I despise so badly for the very reason that his sound is bad, actually just not be capable of being bad, just cause his sound is.

Anyways i just wanted to ask: Is it possible for sound to be bad? personally I think that it can 🙂

Britain’s Spelling and Grammar

Me of all people should not be making fun of other peoples spelling and grammar, but really some of this is just too funny. I was searching news on the web, when i found some photos of people misspelling words on signs across Britain.

Yorkshire – someone forgot their r’s78C185338292E559518B58AA2828D

Aston University – this ones just funnyA6608B95CAE0D4F7C3479FB95B321

Remeber to look…?1E231EF91DA63BBCEEAFD575C63E9

And finally my last piece to show to you.FF7FCB274796FA237DB1A39BCCD30

I think that the moral of this story is: do not get loose with your car 🙂 Now i am no great magician when it comes to spelling, grammar, or even making sense, but i think that this going over the top just a little bit.

You Banned what?

Right, now I don’t mind it when governments ban things, because they are disturbing, or whatever, but I do think they have gone too far when it comes to games.

imagesI mean come on: Pokemon! When has Pokemon ever been inappropriate? According to the Mufti (Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority) deemed that some symbols that appeared on the Pokemon were inappropriate for the public. I mean WTF.

Mass Effect was another game to be banned. The reason why, you ask? Lesbians, that’s why. In one brief scene a female player character and a female alien are doing… things that Singapore thought was obviously to rude for the public, but they finally saw reason and lifted the ban. Woo. Go lesbian aliens!  

The last game I am going to bring up is Football Manager 2005. You would think that as a game about football you would be safe from bans, not when it comes to China. This game was banned in China for recognising Tibet as an independent nation, and their reasoning was that it “threatened the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China”. If China’s territorial integrity is threatened by a video game, then They have bigger problems.

I can see that games including drugs, or maybe rape, would have a bad reputation, but I mean come on: Pokemon, and football? sometimes the agencies that are supposed to protects us are just plain weird.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Now, I would like to specify what the Dark Arts are. The Dark Arts are the abilities that girls use to bewitch, entrance, or otherwise completely take over boys’s brains.

magicI don’t know if there is a suitable defense against this horrible and powerful Art, but if there is, then I would like to know before they get to me as well. Many of my friends have fallen to this, and it completely changes them.

The guys no longer want to hang out, and they seem to never have time to go into town. I think that women have abilities that we men can’t fathom, and this proves it.

My parents have been trying to teach me Defense Against the Dark Arts for a while, but I haven’t really got it. No matter what I do, I just sit there looking  like a fool…  ahh, well, you all will probably tell me there is no defense, and I have come to the conclusion that, you know what, I don’t really mind. 🙂

Ohh no it’s… Blughhh

OK. Well first off, I would like to apologize for not posting anything for the last week. I meant to, but I had a freaky stomach whatsit, and was throwing up all week.

The image below has been my glorious companion for most of last week.IMG_0573 Now, I realise most of you probably don’t want to know what happened to me or how, but since you are reading MY blog, I am going to tell you anyways.

It all started on Tuesday the 17th. I was feeling good, and I was about to do my first training session in about 6 weeks, so no biggy. OK. So that day I had school, which went great. I came home and had dinner. After this, I went to training.

Now, this is where it starts to get a little… funky 🙂 I got to training and my coach told me I would have quite an easy session: 3 x 300m at full pace. That may seem easy, but it’s not.

I did one run and I started to lose vision, got a headache, and didn’t feel well. After that, I did my second run, having assumed that it was caused by the normal lactic acid being annoying. I fell over, crawled about 10 meters off the track, and started throwing up everywhere.

For the next five days, my companion (see picture above) was very helpful. We finally realised I wasn’t getting better, so we went to a doctor. The Doc gave me tablets, and I now feel right as rain.

And that is the reason you are reading this, instead of my usual filth. 🙂